On the Needles…

I can never finish what is on my needles before I start the next project and sometimes I feel like knitting something easy ‘telly knitting’ and others I want a challenge like a lace project.  I often have ideas for patterns that look great in my head and don’t always once I have knitted them but I have to give them a go anyway!  I also like knitting things to give to relatives and friends so that is yet another category for my many projects!

Twenty Ten Cardigan – I am knitting this in Aslan Trends Artesanal, it’s a lovely unusual mix of cotton and alpaca and looks great in the moss stitch pattern, although my tension is out a bit and it is coming up a bit small! UPDATE – Finished and it isn’t too small – Hooray!  It’s lovely actually and I will wear this a lot in the Autumn.

Soft Cable Socks – This is one of those in my head patterns that I’m working on and just trying to get the heel right, I am using the gorgeous Katia Ole Condor which has 20% Alpaca in.  UPDATE – I am on a mission to finish these this week, I’ll put a pic up as soon as they are done.

Un-named Shawl – This is another in my head patterns which is working out fab so far, I’ve even charted the first half which is cabled and I am using Mini Mochi which is a Merino 4 ply and really suits the pattern.  UPDATE – now finished and named (thanks to Phyl!).  Barley Sugar Twist is now available on the website and through Ravelry.

Plisse – I have the yarn for this lovely pattern from Feminine Knits, Lang’s Alpaca Superlight and Naturale in a fabulous grey.  I can’t wait to start swatching but am forcing myself to finish something else first!  UPDATE – oops, sidelined…  I’m sure I’ll come back to it once the weather is a bit chillier.

Poppy’s cardi – which isn’t really a cardi as it has short sleeves.  It’s a Wendy pattern and really sweet with a lacy top and sleeves and Poppy wants it knitted in Louisa Harding’s Jasmine – bright pink and sparkly!  What 6 year old girl could ask for more!  UPDATE – Finished and it even has sparkly buttons.

If you look on my Ravelry page you will see a lot more than this but these are the projects I am currently heaving round with me everywhere I go!

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