A Busy Week

What a hectic week.  Had a lovely time on Wednesday with Jennie and Rachael trying out needle felting for a workshop.  The piece I made didn’t quite work out as planned but still looks lovely and it was my fault!  I know what to do next time and I should have listened to Jennie and not just shoved it in the tumble dryer!  I have great plans for my small piece of felt involving embroidery making it into a little purse.

After a busy week in the shop I had great plans to make a playhouse tent for my girls (Daisy 10, Poppy 6 and Lola nearly 3) using 8m of fabric from Ikea and a hoop.  These plans were thwarted by too much housework (Sunday) and a day spent at A&E with my brother today.  I have made a good start but when I walked in the door after 7 hours at the hospital I was greeted by Lola asking if the tent was ready!!

Fingers crossed my brother is ok, he’s waiting for an MRI scan this week and that should tell us more.  The tent will be worked on in the evenings I think until it is done as I have three pairs of eyes watching it’s progress.  Watch this space!

Knitwise I haven’t done too much except had a bit of a disaster yesterday with the shawl pattern that is in my head.  I noticed that about 3 inches down I had a section of cables going the wrong way, undid it and then couldn’t get the stitch count right.  Tears and frustrations.  Have now started again and am back on track, just got to get back to where I was.  Hey ho.  The pics are of our felting efforts on Wednesday.  Can’t wait to have another go, it is very therapeutic.