New Year, New Start…

Heather and I had a great day today (despite the weather), re-organising the shop and changing things round. The settee is now at the side of the shop and the table will eventually be at the end of the shop so that when we hold workshops people don’t feel as if they are the main attraction in the middle of the shop! I think it’s going to work really well and I’ll try and post a few pics tomorrow of the finished tidy up!
Click and Clack on Thursday evening and very kindly my friend Bekky has offered to make the cake… she is an excellent baker so I am looking forward to that!

Back in the saddle

Whoops! I had a moment and forgot not only my WordPress password but my username too…
I’m back now though and tonight I’ll try and post some pics of what I have on the needles this week and have finished.

Oh No!

Just to let everyone know, there seems to be a problem with The Knitting Hut website.  It is a security issue and it looks as though my site has been compromised by ‘Malware’, never heard of it before.  I am working hard to get this sorted but given that I haven’t a clue it is hard work!  Off to Apple on Sunday to see if they can help…

Woolly Moo tomorrow so looking forward to that.  Jennie and I, with the help of our American friend Jane, have dyed some yarn and Jennie and Jane spent all day today re-skein-ing it and it looks fablicious!  The pic shows one of the shades in progress, this one is called ‘Fooling Around’.  Back to Woburn Sands tonight to set up for tomorrow with Ailsa and her Mum, Heather and we are just about ready for a Moovellous Day!  

A knitty breakfast

Ihave been busy for a while working with Nestle to come up with a pattern for them to give away as a prize to runners up in their ‘Knitting Nana’ competition that they’re running on Facebook. I designed this tea cosy, egg cosy and mug cosy and they want to go ahead with it! It’s very exciting and now we have to order everything we need to make up 100 knitty kits!

As you can see, Phyl and Lucy very kindly offered their services knitting Shreddies. I managed to find just the right yarn for them!

A Busy Week

What a hectic week.  Had a lovely time on Wednesday with Jennie and Rachael trying out needle felting for a workshop.  The piece I made didn’t quite work out as planned but still looks lovely and it was my fault!  I know what to do next time and I should have listened to Jennie and not just shoved it in the tumble dryer!  I have great plans for my small piece of felt involving embroidery making it into a little purse.

After a busy week in the shop I had great plans to make a playhouse tent for my girls (Daisy 10, Poppy 6 and Lola nearly 3) using 8m of fabric from Ikea and a hoop.  These plans were thwarted by too much housework (Sunday) and a day spent at A&E with my brother today.  I have made a good start but when I walked in the door after 7 hours at the hospital I was greeted by Lola asking if the tent was ready!!

Fingers crossed my brother is ok, he’s waiting for an MRI scan this week and that should tell us more.  The tent will be worked on in the evenings I think until it is done as I have three pairs of eyes watching it’s progress.  Watch this space!

Knitwise I haven’t done too much except had a bit of a disaster yesterday with the shawl pattern that is in my head.  I noticed that about 3 inches down I had a section of cables going the wrong way, undid it and then couldn’t get the stitch count right.  Tears and frustrations.  Have now started again and am back on track, just got to get back to where I was.  Hey ho.  The pics are of our felting efforts on Wednesday.  Can’t wait to have another go, it is very therapeutic.

Welcome to The Hut

Welcome to the first post on the NEW Hut Blog!  I am making a real effort to keep in touch with our customers via the blog, Facebook and our new Ravelry group.  Watch out for a newsletter later this week with exciting news!  We have also scheduled in some new dates for Spinning, Dyeing and Entrelac workshops together with a new workshop, Wet Felting.  Happy Knitting!